Sam's Soccer Referees


Referee Schedules / Assignments

- Referees are assigned to games based on their availability, age, experience, assignment preferences and feedback that I receive from 
    the referee mentor and senior referees.

- Most weeks the first draft of the referee schedule should be available by Wednesday.

- When assigning games, referees that submit their availability by Sunday are assigned games first.   Referees that submit their 
    availability after Sunday are assigned to the remaining open games.

- When I send out an email blast looking for referees, games are assigned to the first referees that respond and are qualified.  
    I will only send responses to those that are assigned games – usually within 24 hours.  
    The referee schedule can be checked to see if games have been filled.

- If you do not show up for a game, show up late or cancel at the last minute you may not be assigned any games for the next 2 weeks.

- The number of games assigned to each referee will vary week to week depending on the number of games being played, the number 
    of referees available, when referees are available and referees game preferences.  Typically, experienced referees are 
    assigned 2-3 games and less experienced referees are assigned 1-2 games.

- To ref travel games, you should be at least 14 and have at least 1 year of experience.

- If you are assigned as a CR and you are a relative of a player, coach, or volunteer on a team, it is your responsibility to 
    notify me so that the game can be reassigned.