Sam's Soccer Referees


*** Follow "Soccer Official's COVID-19 Protocol" ***


-    Review game rules - rules are different for each league.  Links to each league’s rules can be found at
-    A printable schedule (pdf) will be posted at when all games are assigned or Friday evening.
-    Before going to the field always check the field status at
-    Check your email for last minute schedule changes.
-    Even if you are only scheduled to AR, always bring everthing with you in case you have to CR a game because of sick/injured/no-show CR.


-    On game day you should be at the game field for your first game, dressed and ready to start, at least 15 minutes before game time for recreation and 30 minutes before game time for Travel games.  
-    All CRs, ARs and Shadows should be wearing a current patch for all games and should be wearing the same color jersey.  Old style jersey's are no longer allowed.
-    The game field should be checked before every game and if there are any issues, the home team coach is responsible for making corrections.  
-    For all recreation games, the game clock always starts on time even if the fields/teams are not ready.
-    For all games, half time should be limited to 5 minutes.
-    For CCL games, player passes do not need to be checked, only an equipment check needs to be done pre-game.  The coach/manager from each team will provide you with a game day roster
-    If you are short an AR then ask the coaches to help you find a volunteer to be a linesman or proceed with 1 CR and 1 AR. *** A 2 CR system is not allowed and should never be used for CSC recreation or travel games.***


-    If you are assigned to shadow a U8 game - for the first 3 quarters, you will observe the CR from the sideline and for the last quarter you will CR the game while the assigned CR watches from the sideline
-    If you are assigned to shadow a U10/U12 game – for the first half, you will follow behind one of the assigned ARs without a flag and for the second half of the game you will AR the game with the assigned AR following behind you without a flag. 


Post Game

-    Game reports must be submitted by CRs by Sunday night for all Saturday/Sunday games.  ARs should not be submitting game reports.
-    Game Reports for CSC Recreation and travel (CCL) games should be submitted at
-    In the note section of the Game Report please include: assigned shadow referees were present/not present; referee crew changes; 
     any feedback that you have about shadows or ARs, all yellow/red cards issued with team name, player/coach name and reason for card.
-    If you did not have ARs then select Not Applicable for AR in the game report.
*** If I do not receive a game report, the CR will not be paid.  The scheduled ARs will be paid.
*** If you have 3 or more missing game reports when I am creating the next schedule, you will not be assigned any new games.

*** All game notes should be kept until the end of the season.


Referee Pay
-    Typically CSC sends out checks 3-4 weeks after the last games of the season for CSC recreation/CCL games.
-    ODSL sends out checks approximately July 1 and December 1.
-    NCSL games are paid out via gopay by the assignors approximately July 1 and December 1.  Sometimes they also do a mid-season payout.